Australia NCC changes 2014


Australia NCC changes 2014

 Changes to the BCA (Building Code of Australia), now National Construction Code (NCC) – 1 May 2014 The new NCC has now come into effect, with various updates applied.  For access safety, because of the ambiguity of the language around the descriptions in the building code, the update implements actual standards and classifications.  Previously provisions in the BCA required only a ‘slip-resistant finish’ or a ‘suitable non‐skid strip’ near the edge of the nosings.  The provisions in Volumes One (D2.13) and Two ( of the NCC now require:Stairway treads to have a:
Surface with a slip‐resistance classification not less than that listed in Table 1 (refer below), when tested in accordance with AS 4586; or

nosing strip with a slip‐resistance classification not less than that listed in Table 1, when tested in accordance with AS 4586.

Note, in QLD and TAS the old BCA provisions apply for Residential Buildings Class 1 & 10 (ie. covered by Volume Two). Table 1: Slip-Resistance Classifications 

Surface Conditions

Tread or Landing Surface 

P3 or R10

P4 or R11

Nosing or Landing Strip Edge



  Does Tredsafe comply with these changes to the NCC 2014? Yes.  Tredsafe’s stair nosing insert complies to the new standard, as it achieves P4 when wet, as well as testing to R11.  A dry environment is some where with little to no risk of getting wet, whereas a wet environment is somewhere that has every risk of getting get e.g. outside, doorways leading outside etc.


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