Australia – What is AS1428?


Australia – What is AS1428?

 Australia – What is AS1428.1 and how does it affect stairways? AS1428.1 is referenced by Volume One of the NCC:D3.3 In a building required to be accessible -(a)    every ramp and stairway, except ramps and stairways exempted, must comply with -(ii)    for a stairway, except a fire-isolated stairway, clause 11 of AS1428.1. This makes it compulsory for all new buildings covered under Volume One to comply with AS1428.1.AS1428.1 states:
Stair nosings are not allowed to project beyond the face of the riser.

Stair nosings must be continuous across the full width of the stair tread.

Stair nosing profiles may have a sharp intersection or a radius up to 5mm, or up to a 5mm x 5mm chamfer at the tread/riser intersection.

A luminance contrast strip is required to provide a visual reference to the stair edge.

This needs a luminance contrast of at least 30% when set against the stair tread surface.

The luminance contrast strip must be between 50mm and 75mm wide and cannot be set back from the tread/riser intersection by more than 15mm.

When located at the front of a stair nosing, the luminance contrast strip cannot extend down the riser more than 10mm.

 How does this affect stairways?Although there has been some debate about the last point in the AS1428.1 list, Tredsafe have chosen to go with the majority of manufacturers and interpret this as the nosing itself can also have a drop of no greater than 10mm.  This is because in most cases the nosing itself is a different colour to the stair surface and so becomes in effect a luminance contrast strip.  This puts some limits on the variety of designs available to the Australian market. It also means that insert strips on the top surface of the nosing may no longer blend with or closely complement the stair tread colour (as is commonly done with carpet) – they must be a noticeably different (30% +) colour.  Does Tredsafe comply with AS1428.1 Selected nosings do comply, search for those marked as compliant to Australian Standards.  Care will need to be taken when selecting the insert colour also.  Luminance test results for the inserts are available. Click style for product information              AA110                              AA124                              AA128                             AA129


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