Curved Stair Nosing Launch


Curved Stair Nosing Launch

The demand for curved stairs and nosings is high, and it’s easy to see why. Curved stairs add aesthetic appeal to any space! But they can also add complications. We spoke to our customers to better understand the problems they were facing so that we could create a solution.   Traditionally, curved nosings are costly and incur significant lead time because of their need for customization. To remedy this, we created a convenient two-part system that allows for ease of installation. These two-part nosings (see photo below) can be filled with your choice of colours, from our subtle and safety insert ranges.Tredsafe has also re-engineered two of its most popular nosings, AA123 and AA125, allowing architects and designers to confidently specify curved stairs without adding time or expenses to the project.Their product codes are now AA123CN and AA125CN. (Click for product information and requirements.)- AA123 (CN) stair nosing for carpeted stairs, with a 47 mm right-angle riser and 53 mm insert.- AA125 (CN) stair nosing for uncovered and wooden stairs or vinyl covered, with a 24 mm rakeback drop riser and ramped back edge to minimize trip hazards. 53 mm inserts.Both nosings will be in stock as of 30th November 2018 and are only available in 2.5m lengths.  Click here – to view our first product installation. Monash University Clayton, Melbourne.


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