Where can I get pricing and how can I place an order?

As we do not sell directly to the public, please get in touch with your nearest distributor found here: https://tredsafe.co.nz/distributors/


Do I need to use the screws and plugs provided?

When installing Tredsafe products, we recommend using screws and plugs to fix down the profile securely. Additionally, an adhesive like Tredlock can be used but we do not recommend just using an adhesive as this will not be as permanent as using the fixtures provided. 


Do Tredsafe cut orders to length?

Yes, stairnosings can be cut to length at no extra charge if the customer specifies how many lengths are required. However detail trims are sold in full lengths and cannot be custom cut. 


Is there a warranty for Tredsafe products?

Please contact us on 09 813 5236 for more information.


How do I order samples and are they free of charge?

Yes our samples are free of charge and you can request a sample of most products on our website. Alternatively, email us at info@tredsafe.co.nz stating the sample you are after, the colour and length.


How do I clean the insert?

Please refer to the insert maintenance and cleaning guide found here: https://tredsafe.co.nz/assets/default-site/Insert-Maintenance-and-Cleaning-Guide-PDF.pdf


How hard is it to install/remove the insert?

Very easy, removing existing insert is a matter of flicking up an edge with a knife or screw driver and then it pulls away utilizing leverage. The new insert can be installed over the top of any residue by lining up an end and letting it fall into place.  


Do you have samples of all products available?

Yes we have sample folders available. Get in touch with us for more information. 


Does the insert fade in the sun?

No, our new and improved insert has been through color fading testing of 400 hours under a UV lamp more severe than UV normally found at the earth's surface. 


Are Tredsafe's products compliant?

All our products are compliant to New Zealand's flooring standards. More information can be found in the downloads section of this website. For other country's, please contact us at info@tredsafe.co.nz.


Can I get more information on how to install Tredsafe products?

Yes, check out our installation guides in the downloads section of the website https://tredsafe.co.nz/downloads/


Can I custom color aluminum profiles and trims?

Yes, we can powder coat and anodize all our aluminum products. Please call us on 09-813-5236 or email info@tredsafe.co.nz for pricing and lead times.


Where are Tredsafe based?

We are based at 25 Akatea Road, Glendene, Auckland