Product Connexx

Connexx offers easy, clean and flexible system solutions for every entrance area.

Using only a rubber hammer to tap the connectors together Connexx's modules can be quickly overlaid into any area.

Shaped matwells aren't a problem - a sharp knife can be used to cut any required shape from the module edges.

Some features include:

- Corpus consists of 100% soft PVC, which makes it easy and fast to adjust on site.

- The Maximus inlay consists of 100% PA 6.6, which has the advantage of a very high moisture absorbency.

- The Maximus inlay has a pile weight of 1000g/m2 which makes it very effective against moisture.

- The gaps between each inlay are very small which means that a big area of the whole matting area consists of inlay.

- The Connexx has little scraper bars to strip coarse dirt and little gaps to avoid that the dirt will lie on the top of the mat.

- Modules can be easily replaced.

- Supplied in 1m2 boxes with 16 x 250x250mm modules.

- Pre-assembled in 4 layers of 4 tiles for a faster installation.

- Easily cut to shape on site using a Stanley knife.

- DT080 ramp can be used in place of a mat well.

- Flexible base suitable for uneven floor surfaces.