Product Lumitred - 120

The Lumitred range provides the ultimate solution in reduced light conditions. Utilizing phosphorescent pigments, the inserts are charged by natural or artificial light and activate instantly in failing light conditions. Lumitred is ideal for emergency situations where power is lost or lights go out and there are stairs or hazards to navigate to reach a safe location.


- Emergency stairs and accessway exits for commercial or multi-residential buildings

- Guidance and way-finding

- Supporting the visually impaired

- Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

- Theatres

- Stadia

The glow pigment is co-extruded into the product giving it increased lifespan and all round glow performance. Tested in accordance to Section 34, UL1994 'Standard for Safety' Luminous Egress Path Marking Systems and Sections of ASTM E2073-02. Visual acuity test conducted up to 300 minutes which is over 3 times the test requirement. 

Available in 13mm, 37mm, 43mm or 53mm widths.