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Eden Park

Eden Park is New Zealand's largest sports stadium. Located in central Auckland, New Zealand's largest city, it has been a sports ground since 1900 and has a capacity of 50,000 people. 


Eden Park, Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand | Eden Park, Auckland ...


Tredsafe nosings have been installed in Eden Park, in the corporate and coaching boxes. 


Eden Park, Auckland (NZ) | WT Partnership (North America)  


With an AA123 nosing and Neutral Black 106 insert, the boxes provide secure footing over the stairs and reduce the wear and tear of carpet over time. 


Eden Park Edited Image 6 2  Eden Park Edited Image 8 2

Tredsafe nosings on carpeted and concrete stairways 


Eden Park Edited Image 5 2  Eden Park Edited Image 4 2 

 Eden Park Edited Image 2 3

Tredsafe detail trims have also been used as a transition between tiles and carpet in the entrance areas. The trims provide a neat transition between the different floor coverings and reduce the trip hazard between the two floor coverings. 



Eden Park Edited Image 3

Aluminium nosings with Neutral Black insert complements the dark coloured carpet perfectly. 


Eden Park 

Reimers Avenue


Auckland 1024

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