Sport & Fitness
Location: Hamilton, New Zealand

Fastlane Fitness

Architect/Designer: APG architects, Hamilton

Contractor/Installer: Van Dyk Flooring Xtra

Fastlane Fitness is a state of the art fitness facility in Hamilton. Each of the flooring finishes are matched to the specific zone requirements of the club incorporating high performance, resistance, testing, aerobics, amenities and office facilities.

Jacobsens flooring and Tredsafe accessories feature in this stunning fitness centre, keeping clients safe in an active environment. 


Safety yellow insert in 3 x 13mm strips has been used in conjunction with an AA345 profile. The colour contrast between the bright yellow and dark carpet minimizes the tripping hazard and maintains a safe access way for users. 

DT029 has also been used as a flooring trim on the main access way in the gym. The profile creates a smooth transition between the vinyl and polished concrete floor, with a 13mm Safety Blue insert to match the vinyl and minimize the tripping hazard. 


Visit the Fitness Centre at 800 Victoria St, Hamilton, New Zealand 

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