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Location: Australia

Perth Stadium

In 2016, out partners at FDA in Australia were working closely with the flooring contractors that had secured the Perth Stadium contract. The stadium customized their own profile, AA100 and is an example of Tredsafe's solution focus that we have for our customers. 


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The stadium at full capacity 


Perth was built in 2017 and is the third largest stadium in Australia. The stadium seating has a capacity of over 60,000 people but can be extended up to 65,000 for rectangular sports. Approximately 23 kilmometers of AA100 was used inside and outside the stadium with the AA345 profiles used in corporate areas. The AA100 profile used two different inserts within the stadium. Approximately 8 kilometers of Neutral Black 106 was used for a neutral finish and 14 kilometers of Lumitred 120 and Black Zebron 106Z used as a way of making stairways safe in darker lighting. This fulfilled Australian stair nosing compliance standards which states that each tred should have a strip of 30% minimum luminescence contrast to the background. 


IMG 6632



perth 1

AA100 outside the stadium 


perth 2

AA100 on the stairs of the stadium with Black Zebron 106 


AA345 corporate areas 2

AA345 and Lumitred 120 installed in the corporate boxes 


Optus Stadium Outside 1

Optus Stadium at night 


Visit Optus Stadium at 333 Victoria Park Dr, Burswood, WA 6100, Australia


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