Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Southern Cross School

Southern Cross School in South Auckland with Tredsafe stair nosings, detail trims and CONNEXX entrance matting. 


CONNEXX installation1

CONNEXX being installed using a rubber hammer



Edited 6   Edited 5  Edited 4  

 Edited 3   Edited 1

Finished project in the school's reception area



Edited 2

Detail trim providing a neat finish between the carpet and concrete flooring 


Stairnosing Edited 2  Stairnosing Edited 1

AA123 aluminium stairnosings with Neutral Black insert on the staircase. 


Having Tredsafe nosings with anti-slip inserts reduce the chances of slips, trips and falls, keeping students at school safe as the stair way is used. 




Southern Cross School

237 Buckland Road


Auckland, 2024



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