Location: Dunedin, New Zealand

University of Otago Plaza

Architect/Designer: Warren & Mahoney; McCoy & Wixon Architects 

Completed: December 2011

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Tredsafe detail trims and stairnosings feature in the University of Otago's Plaza in Building One. University Plaza Building One is a three-storey complex of gymnasiums, weight training rooms, offices, seminar rooms and a cafe, all brought together with an aesthetically pleasing atrium. The project was destined to meet critical deadlines for the 2011 Rugby World Cup, as the building provides support and bracing for one side of Forsyth Barr Stadium (also featuring Tredsafe products). 

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On the stairwells throughout the three floors, Neutral Black insert has been rebated into each step without using an aluminium profile. The contrast between the light coloured wood and the black insert creates a minimilistic look throughout the building. The Diamond Tred patterned insert provides anti-slip properties, keeping the stairwell a safe access way for students. DT030 has been used as a transition strip from carpet to 2mm vinyl, reducing the slip hazard and creating a smooth finish over the height difference of the two different flooring types. 


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