Location: Waikato, New Zealand

Waikato Hospital Hilda Ross Room

Following the demolition of Waikato Hospital's Hilda Ross block, the services that were formerly provided in this space have been spread around the hospital grounds. This project was a refurbishment of one of these areas to create a new space. With a very strong and clear design focus, Design Engine Architects have delivered vibrant, engaging spaces with excellent aesthetics. 


Waikato Hospital Hilda Ross Rooms by Jacobsen


Tresafe's AA123 stair nosings have been installed on the carpeted stairs with Neutral Black 106 insert and a strip of 13mm Lumitred. 




Tredsafe detail trims have also been used to secure the finish of the vinyl on the hospital walls. The detail trims seam seal the floor covering shut, ensuring no dirt or moisture can seep in and ruin the vinyl flooring. The trim also provides a neat and tidy finish as a transition from the vinyl to the wall and prevents wear and tear by not allowing the edges of the vinyl to lift up over time. 

Jacobsen flooring was also used, resulting in spaces that welcome patients and staff alike to positive and secure surroundings. The vinyls and stair nosing provide levels of quality, minimal care and maintenance, slip resistance and critical hygiene specifications that exceed expectations, ensuring our community will enjoy these spaces for years to come.  


The Hilda Ross Rooms are located at: 

30 Ruakura Road

Hamilton East

Hamilton 3216

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