Public Building
Location: Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington National War Museum

The National War Memorial of New Zealand is located next to the New Zealand Dominion Museum building on Buckle Street, in Wellington. The war memorial was dedicated in 1932 on ANZAC Day in commemoration of the First World War. 


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Tredsafe's UP117 PVC vinyl nosing is fitted throughout all steps in the building, to protect the stair edges and provide safe access ways for visitors. The UP117 uses 1 x 43mm insert in Neutral Black and has a 35mm right angle drop on the riser. 



IMG 0760  IMG 757 

IMG 0754   IMG 0759   


The nosing adds a smart finish to the vinyl steps, protecting the flooring from wear and tear whilst providing secure footing and anti-slip properties for visitors at the museum. 


Taranaki Street

Mount Cook

Wellington 6021

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