New Zealand Sustainable Business Network

Tredsafe is proud to be a part of New Zealand’s largest sustainable business organization. The network includes over 600 organizations that connect through various resources, projects and events to help New Zealand become a more sustainable nation. The purpose of the network is to empower business so that people and nature prosper.

As a member of the Sustainable Business Network , we are committed to:

-          Improving our sustainable performance

-          Working together to empower business so people and nature prosper

-          Supporting the restoration of New Zealand’s waterways through our membership contribution to Million Meters


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NZ Green Building Council

Tredsafe is part of the New Zealand Green Building Council which is a group of progressive businesses with an aim to accelerate the development and adoption of market based green building practices. A green building is one that is designed, built and operated in ways that reduce or remove any negative impact on the environment and the people using it. Tredsafe are proud to be part of the movement towards creating quality, sustainable buildings and communities.

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CEMARS Certification (in progress)

The Certified Emissions Measurements and Reduction Scheme helps to accurately measure Tredsafe’s current greenhouse gas emissions and put in place strategies to manage and reduce impact. Being a part of this program enables efficient and credible carbon footprint calculation, reporting and reduction.

Tredsafe are currently in the process of becoming a certified organization that involves measuring, managing, and then auditing our data to verify that our results are accurate. Once this is complete in the near future, we will become a globally recognized CEMARS organization.



Climate Leaders Coalition

Tredsafe have recently signed the Climate Leaders Coalition to promote business leadership and collective action on the issue of climate change. Tredsafe have voluntarily committed to act on climate change by measuring and publicly reporting greenhouse gas emissions, setting reduction targets and working with suppliers to reduce their emissions. By being a signatory to the coalition, we are actively:

-          Measuring our greenhouse gas footprint, having the data independently verified by a third party and making the info publicly available

-          Adopting targets grounded in science that will deliver substantial emissions reductions so our organizations contribute to New Zealand being carbon neutral by 2050. These targets will be considered in current planning cycles;

-          Assessing our climate change risks and publicly disclosing them;

-          Proactively supporting our people to reduce their emissions, and

-          Proactively supporting our suppliers to reduce their emissions.

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Also, check out our efforts to improve our waste disposal system in the Tredsafe factory and offices here: