AA207 Anodised Aluminium

AA207 Anodised Aluminium

Aluminium stair nosing with a 36mm universal drop riser for use on uncovered floors or overlaid on vinyl.



Length 3.66m
Weight 0.79kg/10cm2
Colour Number NS
Colour Name Anodised Aluminium
Interior use recommended
Finish Natural Satin
Dimensional Stability
Material AL
Can be Recessed
Front Drop Universal
Number of Inserts
UV Stable 1
Water Resistant 1
Wheelchair Friendly 1

AA207 Requires 2 x 43mm DiamondTred Insert

Other Stair Nosings

ACG Tauranga Gymnasium

Tauranga, New Zealand

ACG Tauranga is a private co-ed school owned and operated by Auckland-based ACG Education, formerly known as the Academic Colleges Group.

The day school opened in 2015, initially with places for students up to the ninth grade but now teaches kindergarten through 12th grade.ACG’s three-story gymnasium, completed in May 2017 by Hawkins Construction Limited, is a multipurpose facility intended for use not only by the school’s PE department but also intercollegiate sports teams and the community at large. With a maximum capacity of 500 and frequently rainy weather, slip and fall hazards were of paramount concern.The gym’s rubber compound floor was designed to accommodate a wide range of sports, including basketball, volleyball, badminton and indoor soccer. Its ground floor includes a full-sized court, changing rooms, and P.E staff offices and storage. On the second floor are a fitness center and an open area with kitchen facilities, and on the top floor are three classrooms.A number of different surfaces required stair nosing and transition trims. For the carpeted stairs in the upstairs seating area, Tredsafe’s AA123 stair nosing was used with a Safety White 101, 53mm insert to create a neat and attractive profile. DT031 height-transition trim was used between the carpet and polished concrete. AA207 was used on the concrete stairs, chosen for its ramped back edge, which prevents trip hazards on uncovered stairs. Twin 1.7-inch inserts reduced slip hazards while allowing for two different colors if desired. All three Tredsafe products chosen by Hawkins Construction, who won a 2018 New Zealand Institute of Architects Award in the educational category for the $5.5 million project, are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Made from durable anodized aluminum, all stair nosings included anti-slip inserts with a large tread pattern that keeps water from accumulating on their surface, particularly important given the wear and tear of outdoor-to-indoor traffic in often wet conditions.


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