Safety Red

Safety Red

Tredsafe insert with a Diamondtred pattern that provides multi-directional slip resistance.

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Length 25m
Thickness 3.5 mm
Weight .045kg/10cm2
Colour Number 104
Colour Name Safety Red
LRV 9.10
Interior use recommended
Finish Antislip
Dimensional Stability 0.12%
Material PVC
Pattern Diamondtred
Can be Recessed Potential
Front Drop
Number of Inserts
UV Stable 1
Water Resistant 1
Wheelchair Friendly 1

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Snap Fitness


Snap Fitness is a privately owned and operated health and fitness club founded in 2003, headquartered in the US.

Tredsafe has been installed in many Snap Fitness locations to increase the safety aspect of the flooring, keeping gym users from tripping over raised edges. Stairnosing AA201 provides a safety edge solution to the rubber matting at Snap Fitness. Paired with Safety Red insert to match Snap Fitness’s branding, the aluminum nosing and anti slip insert provides a safe solution for capping the edge of the platform. Visit a Snap Fitness, with over 50 location in New Zealand and many more worldwide


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