The Suter Art Gallery


A significant building redevelopment project is underway at The Suter Art Gallery in Nelson, due for completion in October 2016.

In keeping with the original design features, a marriage between the historic elements of the original gallery and new contemporary features will see The Suter, New Zealand’s oldest art gallery turned into a vibrant regional arts centre for the 21st century. Design architects Jerram Tocker & Barron and Warren & Mahoney Architects opted for Connexx entrance matting as part of the new foyer due to its durability for high traffic flows. Its high absorbency inlay also ensures the original floors from 117 years ago stay clean and dry. Tredsafe AA123 with Safety White Zebron glow insert has been used on the stairs throughout the gallery and theatre in compliance with NZ Standard 1421:2001. The combination of bright white and glow in the dark makes the insert highly visible for reduced light conditions and the visually impaired. The diamond tred pattern of the insert also provides excellent anti-slip properties and is hard wearing and able to endure heavy traffic. Visit the Suter Art Gallery at 208 Bridge Street, Nelson 7010

More projects

Christchurch Bus Exchange

Christchurch CBD

The new, indoor bus exchange is based in the center of Christchurch City on the corner of Lichfield St and Colombo St. Featuring our latest install of 161m2 of Connexx Modular Matting in the new Christchurch Bus Exchange.

Our durable Connexx modular matting was the perfect solution for this new terminal with heavy traffic flows. This is combined with tactile pacers for sight impaired passengers that direct you to the bus bays and doors to board buses. Easily cut to size using a craft knife, this “easy to install” product looks effective, smart and will ensure the bus terminal remains clean from dirty and wet footprints for years to come.The bus exchange is located on the corner of Lichfield Street and Colombo Street, Christchurch Central City, 8011



The world class velodrome connected to world class facilities for BMX, road and mountain biking opened its doors in late 2013.

The facility is centered around the purpose built 250m wooden cycling velodrome and is host to a range of other high performance sport and community facilities. Surrounding the velodrome is a seating capacity of 1,500 seats, expandable to 4000 for major events, all accessed by stairs with Tredsafe AA123 stairnosing with Zebron Black insert. Zebron insert has a 13mm glow in the dark strip which ensures the safe navigation of stairs in dim or non existing lighting. Connexx entrance matting has been used in the foyer due to its high traffic flow durability. Three years on and it’s still in immaculate condition despite the millions of steps its endured so far.Visit the Avantidrome in Hamilton at 15 Hanlin Road, Cambridge 3283

Tristram Clinic


Tristram Clinic provides specialist medical services in Hamilton, including plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and dermatology.

The clinic moved location to new premises in April 2013, being the only complete medical and surgical center in the Hamilton and Waikato region. Tredsafe stairnosings create a safe environment for patients, reducing slip hazards with anti-slip stair nosings and insert. 200 Collingwood Street, Hamilton Lake, Hamilton 3204


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