AA125CN Anodised Aluminium

AA125CN Anodised Aluminium

Aluminium stair nosing for use with concrete or wooden stairs.



Length 3.66m
Weight 0.38kg/10cm2
Colour Number NS
Colour Name Anodised Aluminium
Interior use recommended
Finish Natural Satin
Dimensional Stability
Material AL
Can be Recessed
Front Drop Rake Back
Number of Inserts
UV Stable 1
Water Resistant 1
Wheelchair Friendly 1

AA125 Requires 1 x 53mm DiamondTred Insert

Other Stair Nosings

Monash University

Clayton, Melbourne

Founded in 1958, Monash Clayton, the largest and original Monash site, was one of the first universities in the state of Victoria. It houses some of the Southern Hemisphere’s most advanced and specialised facilities, including the Monash University Accident Research Centre, Australian Stem Cell Centre and Australian Regenerative Medicinal Institute.

Monash is a public research university which has a number of campuses, four of which are in Victoria, and one in Malaysia. The brief for this new lecture theatre was to create a state-of-the-art space where students could both learn and study. A sunken centre gives the room the illusion of added space while setting it apart from the other rooms. The circular, recessed lecture area is carpeted, which means the step down is a trip hazard and therefore a safety issue. The client wanted to create a point of difference on the step and initially considered cutting the carpet and adding a contrasting colour at the butt joint. Finding a suitable material proved difficult and did not add any safety element to the design. After further consideration, the client chose Tredsafe’s AA125CN curved stair nosing with a light grey insert. The lecture floor’s size, a full 50 metres in circumference, limited their options; no other trim would work. “The benefit of using Tredsafe’s AA125CN was being able to curve it to the required shape and angle, removing the trip hazard completely.” Said Omnifloor Specialist Paul Miller, who completed the installation. Installation of the curved two-part profiles went smoothly. For this installation, AA125CN was installed over the existing carpet as a product solution for the customer, specific to their site requirements. The Monash lecture theatre is a high foot-traffic area. Tredsafe’s record for quality, low-maintenance and durable products made the client’s choice a no-brainer. AA125CN’s ease of installation also decreased the lead time of the project, providing winning solution for Monash University.


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