Public Building
Location: Hamilton

Hoyts Metro

Metro by HOYTSat Centre Place, Hamilton, is like no other cinema in New Zealand. If you blended your favourite movie house with a New York City street, it would look and feel like this.


hoyts metro outside


Featured in the entrance lobby adding to the New York City Street feel, are Tredsafe EL165 LED Stair nosing's in Natural White colour.

EL165 Hoyts Metro Hamilton Tredsafe 6


hoyts LED close up stairs      EL165 Hoyts Metro Hamilton Tredsafe 2


Ensuring safe pedestrian travel - incorporating 43 millimetres of our anti slip insert and dimmable lights to guide the way –  EL165 stairnosing's make the stairways compliant with industry standards and are an economical alternative to installing separate lighting fixtures to the stairs. Combined with Tredsafe's anti-slip insert, this stairnosing combination creates a safe accessway for Movie Goers in reduced light conditions. 


   AA128 Black Hoyts Metro Hamilton Tredsafe 1      EL165 Hoyts Metro Hamilton Tredsafe 8


AA128 was also used on the stairways, as an alternative to EL165. 


Located: Centre Place Shopping Centre, 56 Ward Street, Hamilton 3204

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