Everybody Eats


Everybody Eats

Everybody Eats is a ‘pay-as-you-feel’ dining concept for everyone. Started by Nick Loosely in November 2019, there are two restaurants in Auckland – Onehunga and K Road. The eatery serves restaurant quality, three course meals, prepared by volunteer chefs, from perfectly good food that would otherwise go to waste.    Outside the Onehunga Restaurant that is a cafe during the day  Their mission is to reduce food waste while bringing people from all walks of life together. Everybody eats has saved over 30 tonnes of food from both restaurants combined, by using food that otherwise would have gone to landfill. They have provided more than 30,00 restaurant-quality meals to people, most of who could not afford to pay. In New Zealand, the contrast between the amount of food we throw away and the number of people going hungry every day is a scary one. Around one third of our produce ends up as landfill contributing to global warming, while many New Zealanders live below the poverty line. Summarising the problem as ‘one of the worst food poverty issues in the developed world,’ Loosley has established Everybody Eats as New Zealand’s first pay-as-you-feel system. A model that has been used widely (and successfully) in the UK.       The Inside and Outside Dining Area in Onehunga  With a combination of vinyl from Jacobsen and AA123 stairnosings with Neutral Black insert, we at Tredsafe are pleased to support communities actively supporting hunger and food waste in New Zealand. Having Tredsafe’s anti-slip nosings and insert in a restaurant like Everybody Eats, creates a safe atmosphere that reduces the changes of slips and falls for customers dining in the restaurant.            Tredsafe AA123 Stairnosings with Neutral Black 106 insert on the stairways inside the restaurant       The nosings have been used on carpeted stairs and complement the dark coloured carpet. The contrast between the carpet and the aluminium highlights the edge of the step so that people using the stairs are less likely to trip or fall.         Outside the Everybody Eats restaurant in Onehunga. The black and white theme stands out from other buildings along the busy street.  Nick Loosely was awarded the New Zealand Local Hero of the Year award by Kiwibank which aims to identify and celebrate everyday people doing extraordinary things in their local communities. Tredsafe are proud to have supported such a meaningful initiative, creating a safe flooring environment for a cause with a hugely positive impact on the community.    You can visit Everybody Eats at one of their 2 locations:St. Kevin’s ArcadeGemmayze StreetMonday 6-8pmorOnehungaONE Cafe306 Onehunga MallSun-Thurs, 6-8pm


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