How to Maintain and Clean Stairnosings


How to Maintain and Clean Stairnosings

Do you know how to maintain and care for your stair nosings?Read the blog post below to make sure you are looking after your flooring accessories as best as possible to keep them clean and maximize the product life.  Resistance PropertiesTredsafe insert is resistant to attack from ultravoilet light, oil, grease, petrol, salt, dilute acids and alkalis, common household chemicals and detergents. However, organic solvents will soften Tredsafe insert.  MaintenanceTredsafe insert is produced with a polyurethane coating which reduces dirt retention. The three dimensional pyramid pattern which provides excellent slip resistance in the wet will require more care than a smooth flooring surface. As with any flooring, regular maintenance is important to prevent excessive soiling.  CleaningRegular cleaning is more beneficial and cost effective than occasional deep cleaning. Stubborn dirt can be removed easily whilst the original color and appearance of the PVC insert is protected. Lighter colours will need more frequent cleaning.  If required:- Daily clean: use soft broom or vacuum cleaner to get rid of dust. This prevents the build up of dust/dirt and makes it easier to clean in the long run. – Manual cleaning: scrub with a neutral floor cleaner or mild detergent and a suitable scrubbing brush/mop. Wipe away the dirty water with a cloth and mop then rinse with clean water and allow the insert to dry. – Machine cleaning: a neutral floor cleaner in conjunction with a flooring scrubber and suitable brush* or a cylindrical brush machine will produce best results. Rinse with clean water when necessary and allow the insert to dry. *Note: for commercial flooring machines, medium to soft brushes should be used on Tredsafe’s Diamondtred insert. Soft brushes should ideally be used to preserve the anti-slip quality.  Please note: Do not use seals, polishes and floor maintainers containing polish or harsh chemicals as the slip resistant properties of the insert could be reduced. Also do not clean the insert with abrasive powders, acetone, solvents, wax or varnish.  Cleaning Chemicals: Use of degreasers and high alkaline ph11+ or highly acidic ph5 or less cleaning products are prohibited and may damage the insert.


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