Tredsafe Winning Accolades in the U.S.A


Tredsafe Winning Accolades in the U.S.A

 The spark awards are awards at the FUSE Flooring Alliance conference where FUSE holds an awards ceremony for their vendors and members annually at the conference. This project was submitted for the Spark Awards ‘Best Flooring Solution’ recently and Tredsafe are proud to have contributed to this project in combination with Tarkett. The theatre had trouble in the past with vinyl stair nosings breaking off or falling apart with the high traffic. FUSE Alliance recommended Tredsafe aluminium nosings for a long-term performance guarantee. The aluminum Tredsafe nosings combined with the selected Tarkett carpet, made for a great, durable finished product throughout the performing art center’s multiple balconies and levels. 
Fred Kavli Theatre The Fred Kavli Theatre is located in the city of Thousand Oaks, California and is part of the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza. The 1,800-seat theater has hosted many notable performers including Art Garfunkel, Kenny Rogers, Colbie Caillat and Jason Mraz. This was a FUSE project with CIR as the flooring contractor and Tredsafe stair nosings supplied in conjunction with our US distributor, L. Fishman Flooring Solutions. However, it was not the easiest road getting the Tredsafe stair nosing installed in the theatre. A damaged shipment and delays with freight mean temporary nosings having to be installed for the opening of the theater as steps couldn’t be left without nosings. With a replacement shipment sent from us in New Zealand, it was closely monitored and prioritized to ensure customer satisfaction and an on-time delivery. In the end, CIR were happy with Tredsafe’s service saying, ‘Thank you for the help with getting things turned around for us with this Fred Kavli Theatre project. Everything ended up being able to come together and the treads and finished install look great.’ This was fantastic feedback to hear especially in difficult situations beyond our control, however, we are always there to support and find solutions for you, our customers.  Tredsafe nosings being installed  The Tredsafe produts used for the Fred Kavli theatre was the AA346 profile with three strips of 109 Rich Brown insert. Check out the photos below of Tredsafe products at the theatre:   AA346 Stairnosings with Rich Brown 109 Inserts The nosings provide an aesthetically pleasing solution that is architecturally designed with the safety of stair users in mind. The anti-slip insert reduces the chances of slips and falls on the stairs and the nosings also provide a protection of the stair edge from wear and tear over time.  Read more about the award here: The theatre is based at:2100 Thousand Oaks BlvdThousand OaksCalifornia 91362U.S.A


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